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Brexit, Grexit And Euro Drama For Investors To Sort Through

  • Britain's "Brexit" vote is now official - what's the collateral effect to economies worldwide? Investors may have an avalanche of troubling questions post-Brexit. But FFP aims to alleviate some of the stress. Here we go again. First, we had the drama of the potential “Grexit” of Greece from the European Monetary Union. Now, in a referendum, the citizens of Great Britain have voted to leave the European Union - also known as Brexit. You may be wondering if there’s any…

    What Are Negative Interest Rates And Could They Impact My Portfolio?

  • As we were watching former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan the other day being interviewed about the current state of the economy, he was pessimistic about the economic outlook here and across the globe. That’s not terribly unusual. By his own admission, Alan Greenspan hasn’t been optimistic about the economy in a while. However, there was one item that we did agree with Greenspan on, which is his opinion of negative interest rates. While he didn’t view negative interest rates…
    Chief Retirement Officer Nick Economos shares why your retirement planning should include the days beyond your first day of retirement.

    Is Insurance Really My Best Investment?

  • By Nick Economos Whenever you’ve heard about insurance as an investment option, there’s an excellent chance that you’ve heard pitches rather than plans. The truth is, insurance could be a perfectly fine option to consider, but it’s challenging to know when you’re bombarded with promises like: “It’s got a dividend of 6%!” Not to mention you can get lobbed easy questions like, “How do you feel about risk?” and “How do you feel about taxes?” With your eye on retirement in…

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