Monthly Archives: August 2016

Why Protectionism And Portfolios Don’t Always Mix

by John Eberle, CFA®  We’re really not into making political predictions at Fiduciary Financial Partners (projecting market behavior is more our specialty), but this much is easy to predict: The debate between proponents of free trade vs. anti-globalization we’ll see between now and Election Day will be hotter than a volcano. With his poll numbers hurting, […]

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Have you located the North Star to guide you toward an investment plan?

What’s Your North Star? The Compass For Your Investment Plan.

The answers to these questions can uncover the North Star to guide you toward an investment plan that’s right for you.   by John Eberle, CFA®  One day, the market is at an all-time high. The next day, the Dow loses hundreds of points. Not more than a week later, the markets spring upward and are […]

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