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Fiduciaries and brokers are not the same - here are three more key differences.

5 Huge Differences Between Fiduciaries And Brokers (part 2)

  • Fiduciaries and brokers aren't the same - in the continuation of our previous post, we explore three more key differences that you'll want to be aware of. Broker: “So tell me. How do you feel about risk?” Client: “I hate it. I hate risk. It scares the hell out of me. I’m afraid of what the market will do to decimate my finances, which I’ve worked my tail off to build.” Broker: “I think I have a product that you’re…
    Senior couple shaking hands with fiduciary

    5 Huge Differences Between A Fiduciary And A Broker (part 1)

  • Fiduciary. Broker. Same thing, right? Wrong. In a series of blog posts, Fiduciary Financial Partners is here to help clarify the key points of difference. “Look. I’ve worked tirelessly for decades to accumulate the kind of life savings that came with a lot of sacrifice in the form of working weekends. I missed a child’s soccer game or ballet recital as a result of it too. For all I’ve been through to this point, I don’t want to take on…

    Will The First 100 Days Of Trump Be A Rocky Road For Investors?

  • Frankly, the evidence would suggest the answer to our headline's question is no. This chart from Vanguard shows us that after the first 100 days of a President’s term, the market tends to calm significantly. And some fluctuation prior to the first 100 days isn’t a sure sign that the market is headed for a wild ride, either. In other words, you’re going to hear all of kinds of media sources speculate about potential market swings up and down. Even…

    How Much Influence Does Any President Have On The Stock Market?

  •   “Trump’s win is going to send the market into a tailspin! His policies will send us back to the economy we had when Bush was in office!” “Ah, people were saying that the sky was falling after ‘Brexit’ and that didn’t happen. The market will be fine. It may even flourish based on what we’ve seen so far.” Who do you believe? Should you start making moves to your portfolio now that the unexpected has happened? How volatile does…

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