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Could President Trump's SEC pick derail the Fiduciary Rule?

Is Fiduciary Rule “Dead” With Trump’s SEC Appointment?

  • The Fiduciary Rule was created to try to keep investors from being taken advantage of. But with President Trump's SEC appointment, is it now in jeopardy? by Miaciah Manuel, CFP® With every appointment and executive action, President Trump continues to garner controversy – and his appointment of Jay Clayton to lead the SEC appears to be no different. Given Clayton’s career as a defense attorney for large financial institutions, the opinion of some in the financial press is that he is…
    If you're uncertain whether you have one of the best 401k plans, a benchmarking report from FFP can clarify a whole lot.

    Think You Have One Of The Best 401k Plans? Let’s Test.

  • The best 401k plans offer the full services, value and performance your company and its plan participants deserve. How do you know you, in fact, have one of the best 401k plans out there? In a word: Benchmarking. In the first part of our blog post on benchmarking your 401k and comparing it to others, we spoke about the importance of having thorough documentation as compliance audits from the Department of Labor will be going up over the next several…
    It's time to compare 401k plans for greater insight - FFP's Nick Economos shares why.

    Why Your Company Should Compare 401k Plans ASAP

  • By Nick Economos That current 401k plan for your company? Sure, it seems to be performing fine. Yet, you can’t ignore the sense that you should compare 401k plans for your peace of mind, especially with some questions rising to the surface such as: Are we overpaying for our 401k plan with certain fees that may or may not be necessary? Could our plan be performing even better? What better fund options might be out there for a company like ours?…
    Why fiduciary duty matters: Is What’s “Suitable” For Your Portfolio Enough?

    A Fiduciary Duty Question: Is What’s “Suitable” For Your Portfolio Enough?

  • Why should you care that a financial professional follows a fiduciary duty instead of what’s suitable for your portfolio?   By Nick Economos At first glance, the idea that someone like a wealth manager, broker or financial advisor touts an investment that’s suitable for your goals seems perfectly fine. After all, it seems in line with your risk tolerance and what’s more, that professional might be talking about the high standard they’re held to through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, also…

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