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The US Dollar Is Crashing Soon? We Can Think Of Two Historical Instances That Bucked That Trend

Why A Strong US Dollar Is Nothing To Fear

  • Do you ever notice how some financial TV pundits find a way to talk doom and gloom when things are actually going quite well? Take the US Dollar, which is very strong right now. If you're not into financial markets, you wouldn't know that the US Dollar is up more than 25% in the last 2 1/2 years and almost 40% since early 2011.  Still, when the Dollar eventually does weaken, we'll see 'Dollar Crisis!' stories popping up across the news media.…
    Is the Euro beyond help if regular bailouts aren't successful?

    Euro On Life Support If Italian Banks Can’t Make A Comeback?

  • Once Italian lawmakers in December approved a 20 billion Euro plan design to rescue Italy's weakest banks, it would be easy to say the country - and the Eurozone - could breathe a bit easier. After all, we can point to instances in other countries in which banks have been revitalized after the government recapitalized them. When we think back to the US banking crisis, financial institutions across the country made a serious comeback upon recapitalization. Remember Spain's housing bubble?…

    Almost 10 Years After Madoff, What Have Investors Learned?

  • Nearly a decade after Bernie Madoff shook the investment world with a Ponzi scheme of epic proportions, the question remains: Could it happen again? In reflection, we always come back to this: You should always be leery of any financial advisor who is also your custodian.  If they make your statements, then there’s a risk to you. None of us want to even imagine that dreadful feeling that so many of Madoff's victims felt. Yet, when we have films like…

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