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The Federal Reserve - are we giving it too much credit for its influence?

Are We Giving The Fed Too Much Credit For Influence?

  • The Federal Reserve recently raised a key interest rate .25% and in the 24 hours since, it seemed to be the only non-White House issue the media could talk about. What are the implications for the economy?   The Federal Reserve Is Just A Scorekeeper. Really. Let’s consider the real factors here. When we drill down deeper, we see that the Fed is not causing interest rates to rise in itself. It’s responding to events when it raises or cuts an…
    Can you manage to separate your feelings from finance?

    Finance Is Never About Your Feelings

  • How do you FEEL about the stock market? Do you FEEL that it is too high and ready for a big fall? Well, people may love to share their FEELINGS about investing. Yet at Fiduciary Financial Partners, we spend a great deal of our time separating financial emotion from financial reality. FEELINGS should not enter into the discussion. It can be challenging to do that with a constant swirling of dramatic news media stories. We get that. Still, at the…

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