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What's an ineffective retirement plan costing your company? We run the numbers.

What An Ineffective Retirement Plan Really Costs Your Company

  • You know it’s important to have a strong retirement plan for your company. Still, when it comes down to it: If you have an ineffective retirement plan, what's the real cost to your company if employees can’t retire on time? It might seem easy to view your company’s retirement plan as an independent entity. In truth, there’s a much larger domino effect that occurs when people either don’t retire on time or leave the company before retirement. There are long-term…
    Today's financial wellness program is more than just retirement planning.

    Today’s Financial Wellness Program: It’s About More Than Retirement

  • If your company is like most, you have employees who are carrying around a lot of stress with them tied to their finances. In fact, if the percentages mirror what PwC found in a recent Employee Financial Wellness Survey*, close to half of them have consistent balances on their credit cards. And one-third of them are finding the stress they’ve had over financial issues increased within the last year, contributing to many finding themselves challenged to meet monthly household expenses…
    China's ghost cities and why their making a comeback is a good thing for global investors

    The Comeback Of China’s Ghost Cities And Why Global Investors Should Care

  • “By 2020, China hopes to move 100 million people from the country's farming regions into cities. By 2026, it hopes to move 250 million.”1 That was early 2013, when 60 Minutes ran a story about China's ‘Ghost Cities’ as a sign of a massive build up in unused and unneeded housing. Since then, this story in ‘The Globe And Mail’ describes how a lot of excess capacity of housing has actually been filled up in China’s third and fourth-tier cities,…

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