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“Lipstick On This Pig”: Why The Broker System Is Broken

  • It was supposed to be so much different by now. Check out this ad from Schwab where the head of a brokerage firm instructs his staff to “put some lipstick on this pig.” This ad ran in 2002. Ah, how times have changed, right? Wrong. Years later, many brokerage firms are still pushing investments that are suitable for client portfolios but not necessarily in the client’s very best interests. “But wait,” you say. “What about all the problems encountered by…

    Education Shopping Now May Mean Everything For Your Kids Post-Graduation

  • We continue to see a trend in which employers are considering how to help their people tackle the challenges of paying off high student loan debt. If this seems outside the norm, think again. In fact, we believe the need for employer assistance on student loans should only continue to grow based on the statistics we see such as the one from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York that estimates student loans have risen to 10.6% of all U.S.…
    A Macron win is good for global investors

    Victory Of Macron In France Good News For Global Investors

  • In the wake of the election of Emmanuel Macron over Marine Le Pen as France’s new President, numerous media outlets have applauded his victory as a solid rejection of opponents of the EU. The question is, what might Macron’s election mean for markets and even your portfolio? First things first: Victory for Macron means France is staying in the EU for the foreseeable future, thereby avoiding a “Frexit.” That kind of stability is important not only for France but for…

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