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Benchmarking 401k funds

Benchmarking Your 401(k) Funds

  • Benchmarking is a retirement plan best practice that allows plan sponsors the opportunity to “take a peek under the hood” of their 401(k). The process allows you to compare your plan to similar plans, measuring key metrics such as participant saving and participation rates, fee reasonableness and service providers. Benchmarking should be a key part of your due diligence process and there are four main areas to focus on when assessing your company’s retirement plan. They are: 1. Plan Design…

    That’ll Never Happen to Me: Succession Planning for the Unthinkable

  • Someday you’re going to exit your business – there’s no getting around that fact, whether it’s planned or unplanned. So what can you do today to help ensure your business survives for the next generation and beyond? Fiduciary Financial Partners’ Nick Economos speaks to the need for succession planning now in order to positively impact the financial success of your business. In this first video, Nick talks about the personal wake-up call that caused him to get a laser-focused perspective…

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