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“My Business Is My Retirement Plan”: Here’s Why It Can’t Be.

  • When I speak to business owners about retirement planning, it’s not unusual for me to hear, “Well, selling my business IS my retirement plan!” It’s a nice idea on paper. You build up your business to a point where your life’s work can be sold for an amount that finances all of your dreams for years to come. The problem? Many business owners can’t say with absolute certainty that their company will indeed be able to deliver on completely funding…
    What's an ineffective retirement plan costing your company? We run the numbers.

    What An Ineffective Retirement Plan Really Costs Your Company

  • You know it’s important to have a strong retirement plan for your company. Still, when it comes down to it: If you have an ineffective retirement plan, what's the real cost to your company if employees can’t retire on time? It might seem easy to view your company’s retirement plan as an independent entity. In truth, there’s a much larger domino effect that occurs when people either don’t retire on time or leave the company before retirement. There are long-term…
    Today's financial wellness program is more than just retirement planning.

    Today’s Financial Wellness Program: It’s About More Than Retirement

  • If your company is like most, you have employees who are carrying around a lot of stress with them tied to their finances. In fact, if the percentages mirror what PwC found in a recent Employee Financial Wellness Survey*, close to half of them have consistent balances on their credit cards. And one-third of them are finding the stress they’ve had over financial issues increased within the last year, contributing to many finding themselves challenged to meet monthly household expenses…
    If you're uncertain whether you have one of the best 401k plans, a benchmarking report from FFP can clarify a whole lot.

    Think You Have One Of The Best 401k Plans? Let’s Test.

  • The best 401k plans offer the full services, value and performance your company and its plan participants deserve. How do you know you, in fact, have one of the best 401k plans out there? In a word: Benchmarking. In the first part of our blog post on benchmarking your 401k and comparing it to others, we spoke about the importance of having thorough documentation as compliance audits from the Department of Labor will be going up over the next several…
    It's time to compare 401k plans for greater insight - FFP's Nick Economos shares why.

    Why Your Company Should Compare 401k Plans ASAP

  • By Nick Economos That current 401k plan for your company? Sure, it seems to be performing fine. Yet, you can’t ignore the sense that you should compare 401k plans for your peace of mind, especially with some questions rising to the surface such as: Are we overpaying for our 401k plan with certain fees that may or may not be necessary? Could our plan be performing even better? What better fund options might be out there for a company like ours?…

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