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Have you located the North Star to guide you toward an investment plan?

What’s Your North Star? The Compass For Your Investment Plan.

The answers to these questions can uncover the North Star to guide you toward an investment plan that’s right for you.   One day, the market is at an all-time high. The next day, the Dow loses hundreds of points. Not more than a week later, the markets spring upward and are acting like that […]

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women and retirement: isn't it time to include her more in the financial planning conversation?

Women And Retirement: Why Is The Struggle Harder Than Men?

Generally speaking, it’s no secret that people aren’t saving enough for retirement. But when the conversation focuses on women and retirement, that struggle may be even more pronounced than what men face. By Nick Economos We continue to see data that shows women are outliving men yet, in many cases, still aren’t on equal ground with […]

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What Are Negative Interest Rates And Could They Impact My Portfolio?

As we were watching former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan the other day being interviewed about the current state of the economy, he was pessimistic about the economic outlook here and across the globe. That’s not terribly unusual. By his own admission, Alan Greenspan hasn’t been optimistic about the economy in a while. However, there […]

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Chief Retirement Officer Nick Economos shares why your retirement planning should include the days beyond your first day of retirement.

What If I Reach Retirement And Hate It?

By Nick Economos  Can you imagine fearing retirement once you’re actually in it? It’s more legitimate and common than you realize, even as you have a blank canvas for mapping out the rest of your life by engaging in retirement planning. Allow me to illustrate from a client conversation and you’ll see what I mean. Recently, […]

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