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Why fiduciary duty matters: Is What’s “Suitable” For Your Portfolio Enough?

A Fiduciary Duty Question: Is What’s “Suitable” For Your Portfolio Enough?

  • Why should you care that a financial professional follows a fiduciary duty instead of what’s suitable for your portfolio?   By Nick Economos At first glance, the idea that someone like a wealth manager, broker or financial advisor touts an investment that’s suitable for your goals seems perfectly fine. After all, it seems in line with your risk tolerance and what’s more, that professional might be talking about the high standard they’re held to through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, also…
    Fiduciaries and brokers are not the same - here are three more key differences.

    5 Huge Differences Between Fiduciaries And Brokers (part 2)

  • Fiduciaries and brokers aren't the same - in the continuation of our previous post, we explore three more key differences that you'll want to be aware of. Broker: “So tell me. How do you feel about risk?” Client: “I hate it. I hate risk. It scares the hell out of me. I’m afraid of what the market will do to decimate my finances, which I’ve worked my tail off to build.” Broker: “I think I have a product that you’re…
    Senior couple shaking hands with fiduciary

    5 Huge Differences Between A Fiduciary And A Broker (part 1)

  • Fiduciary. Broker. Same thing, right? Wrong. In a series of blog posts, Fiduciary Financial Partners is here to help clarify the key points of difference. “Look. I’ve worked tirelessly for decades to accumulate the kind of life savings that came with a lot of sacrifice in the form of working weekends. I missed a child’s soccer game or ballet recital as a result of it too. For all I’ve been through to this point, I don’t want to take on…
    Financial stress

    7 Smart Ways To Kick More Financial Stress To The Curb

  • The bad news is that we have many categories of financial stress. The good news is that if we can prioritize and plan better, that financial stress can feel more manageable.   By Nick Economos Anxious. Overwhelmed. Headache. Upset stomach. Insomnia. What are all these symptoms primarily stemming from? According to a recent survey, financial stress. Try as they might, people can’t get finances out of their minds and it’s causing psychological or physical effects. Conducted by Greenwald & Associates on…

    Why Protectionism And Portfolios Don’t Always Mix

  •   We’re really not into making political predictions at Fiduciary Financial Partners (projecting market behavior is more our specialty), but this much is easy to predict: The debate between proponents of free trade vs. anti-globalization we’ll see between now and Election Day will be hotter than a volcano. With his poll numbers hurting, Donald Trump is clearly making a political play for favor in states such as Pennsylvania and West Virginia with consistent anti-trade messages against Mexico and China. Not…

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