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Infographic: Harnessing The Power Of Compound Interest

  • Warren Buffett’s wealth came from three things: A combination of living in America, lucky genes and compound interest!  As an employer that sponsors a 401(k) plan, encouraging your participants to make small changes in their spending habits can help them harness the power of compound interest. Our newest infographic will help give your participants a 30,000-foot view of how compound interest may help their additional savings grow.
    How Much Should I Save Every Month?

    Infographic: How Much Should I Save Every Month?

  • "How Much Should I Save Every Month?" It's a question that doesn't always present an easy answer, especially with a variety of financial goals and timelines. Fortunately, our latest infographic should serve as an excellent guide on how to prioritize everything from saving for retirement to paying down credit card debt. We'll also suggest some good percentages to follow that can guide your spending and saving, including how to effectively segment your saving into "buckets" across a whole range of…
    financial stress

    Infographic: The Cost Of Financial Stress

  • What's the real cost of financial stress for employees? These eye-popping statistics on the weight of financial worries within the latest infographic from Fiduciary Financial Partners are hard to ignore. Fortunately, there are real things that employers can do to help their people have a more positive perspective in regard to the road ahead. It starts with financial education and planning. That's where Nick Economos and the team at FFP comes in. Talk to us today about how to bring the financial…

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