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what's in your fiduciary vault

Infographic: What’s In Your Fiduciary Vault?

Keeping proper documentation is a good way for plan sponsors and fiduciaries to show compliance with applicable laws and regulations. If the Department of Labor (DOL) or Internal Revenue Service (IRS) knocks on your door, there are certain documents that should be complete and on file. So, what should you have in your fiduciary vault?¬†Take […]

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Infographic: Managing Your Fiduciary Duty

Managing a company 401(k) is a big responsibility and understanding all of the potential features and possibilities is almost like another full-time job. As evidenced by our infographic, there are 5 major responsibilities a fiduciary can have. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your fiduciary responsibility, let’s talk more about it today. Call Nick Economos and […]

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