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Let’s Talk Turkey

  • Frightening headlines abound today about Turkey. Fears about how the plunging Lira could pose a risk to the country that serves as a geographic buffer between Europe and Syria, President Erdogan threatens that Turkey may go searching for “new friends” like Russia and Iran if the US doesn’t start showing some respect and terms like hyperinflation and contagion are being thrown around in articles and op-eds everywhere. There’s no doubt that world markets, economic policy and geopolitical relations are complicated.…
    A Macron win is good for global investors

    Victory Of Macron In France Good News For Global Investors

  • In the wake of the election of Emmanuel Macron over Marine Le Pen as France’s new President, numerous media outlets have applauded his victory as a solid rejection of opponents of the EU. The question is, what might Macron’s election mean for markets and even your portfolio? First things first: Victory for Macron means France is staying in the EU for the foreseeable future, thereby avoiding a “Frexit.” That kind of stability is important not only for France but for…
    China's ghost cities and why their making a comeback is a good thing for global investors

    The Comeback Of China’s Ghost Cities And Why Global Investors Should Care

  • “By 2020, China hopes to move 100 million people from the country's farming regions into cities. By 2026, it hopes to move 250 million.”1 That was early 2013, when 60 Minutes ran a story about China's ‘Ghost Cities’ as a sign of a massive build up in unused and unneeded housing. Since then, this story in ‘The Globe And Mail’ describes how a lot of excess capacity of housing has actually been filled up in China’s third and fourth-tier cities,…
    The Federal Reserve - are we giving it too much credit for its influence?

    Are We Giving The Fed Too Much Credit For Influence?

  • The Federal Reserve recently raised a key interest rate .25% and in the 24 hours since, it seemed to be the only non-White House issue the media could talk about. What are the implications for the economy?   The Federal Reserve Is Just A Scorekeeper. Really. Let’s consider the real factors here. When we drill down deeper, we see that the Fed is not causing interest rates to rise in itself. It’s responding to events when it raises or cuts an…
    The US Dollar Is Crashing Soon? We Can Think Of Two Historical Instances That Bucked That Trend

    Why A Strong US Dollar Is Nothing To Fear

  • Do you ever notice how some financial TV pundits find a way to talk doom and gloom when things are actually going quite well? Take the US Dollar, which is very strong right now. If you're not into financial markets, you wouldn't know that the US Dollar is up more than 25% in the last 2 1/2 years and almost 40% since early 2011.  Still, when the Dollar eventually does weaken, we'll see 'Dollar Crisis!' stories popping up across the news media.…

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