Your retirement Magic Number can be a moving target

Is Your Retirement “Magic Number” Stressing You Out?

As someone who is obsessed with watching market numbers in all varieties daily for my clients, it may seem odd for me to talk about one number that constantly comes up in planning conversations: Your retirement “Magic Number.” It’s not that you shouldn’t have a goal to plan for, of course. It’s that this Magic […]

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What's an ineffective retirement plan costing your company? We run the numbers.

What An Ineffective Retirement Plan Really Costs Your Company

You know it’s important to have a strong retirement plan for your company. Still, when it comes down to it: If you have an ineffective retirement plan, what’s the real cost to your company if employees can’t retire on time? It might seem easy to view your company’s retirement plan as an independent entity. In […]

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Today's financial wellness program is more than just retirement planning.

Today’s Financial Wellness Program: It’s About More Than Retirement

If your company is like most, you have employees who are carrying around a lot of stress with them tied to their finances. In fact, if the percentages mirror what PwC found in a recent Employee Financial Wellness Survey*, close to half of them have consistent balances on their credit cards. And one-third of them […]

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The Federal Reserve - are we giving it too much credit for its influence?

Are We Giving The Fed Too Much Credit For Influence?

The Federal Reserve recently raised a key interest rate .25% and in the 24 hours since, it seemed to be the only non-White House issue the media could talk about. What are the implications for the economy?   The Federal Reserve Is Just A Scorekeeper. Really. Let’s consider the real factors here. When we drill down […]

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Can you manage to separate your feelings from finance?

Finance Is Never About Your Feelings

How do you FEEL about the stock market? Do you FEEL that it is too high and ready for a big fall? Well, people may love to share their FEELINGS about investing. Yet at Fiduciary Financial Partners, we spend a great deal of our time separating financial emotion from financial reality. FEELINGS should not enter […]

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The US Dollar Is Crashing Soon? We Can Think Of Two Historical Instances That Bucked That Trend

Why A Strong US Dollar Is Nothing To Fear

Do you ever notice how some financial TV pundits find a way to talk doom and gloom when things are actually going quite well? Take the US Dollar, which is very strong right now. If you’re not into financial markets, you wouldn’t know that the US Dollar is up more than 25% in the last 2 […]

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Is the Euro beyond help if regular bailouts aren't successful?

Euro On Life Support If Italian Banks Can’t Make A Comeback?

Once Italian lawmakers in December approved a 20 billion Euro plan design to rescue Italy’s weakest banks, it would be easy to say the country – and the Eurozone – could breathe a bit easier. After all, we can point to instances in other countries in which banks have been revitalized after the government recapitalized […]

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Almost 10 Years After Madoff, What Have Investors Learned?

Nearly a decade after Bernie Madoff shook the investment world with a Ponzi scheme of epic proportions, the question remains: Could it happen again? In reflection, we always come back to this: You should always be leery of any financial advisor who is also your custodian.  If they make your statements, then there’s a risk […]

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Could President Trump's SEC pick derail the Fiduciary Rule?

Is Fiduciary Rule “Dead” With Trump’s SEC Appointment?

The Fiduciary Rule was created to try to keep investors from being taken advantage of. But with President Trump’s SEC appointment, is it now in jeopardy? by Miaciah Manuel, CFP® With every appointment and executive action, President Trump continues to garner controversy – and his appointment of Jay Clayton to lead the SEC appears to be […]

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