John Hillman

Longevity Risk & Social Security — Pay More, Get Less

  By John Hillman, MBA, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CLTC In our last post for The Fiduciary Advisor, we went into detail on investment risk. Another major retirement risk that has increased for many individuals is longevity risk. Simply put, longevity risk is the risk that payout levels are higher than expected due to increasing life expectancy […]

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Avoiding Investment Distractions & Reactions with Fiduciary Advice

  By Nicholas Economos, CRPS® In our inaugural blog post for The Fiduciary Advisor, we discussed how the risks of the American retirement crisis call for fiduciary advice — financial guidance that puts investor needs first by law. In this post, we’ll explore investment risk in more detail. Investment risk can be thought of as […]

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The Fiduciary Advisor: Fiduciary Financial Advice Simplified

The daunting risks of the American retirement crisis call for fiduciary financial advice — financial guidance that’s legally obligated to put investor needs first. In 1983, 62% of private sector employees had a defined benefit pension plan. In 2010, that number was down to 19% as corporations moved to defined contribution plans like the 401(k). Financial planning risks that were largely handled by professional pension plan fiduciaries have almost entirely been handed over to individuals. Many of these individuals are either attempting to manage these risks on their own or turning to financial salespeople who have no fiduciary duty and are incentivized to sell generally “suitable” products. The results are a financial planning wake-up call.

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