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What’s Hiding in the Fine Print? It might be your lost dreams

How do you know if a financial professional will put your interests first? Fiduciary Financial Partners’ John Eberle explains the difference between a broker and fiduciary approach to retirement planning, including why one tends be more driven by sales while the other with a fiduciary duty has no such quota. What implications might this have for you? After you watch this video, don’t stop at getting clarity on the meaning of fiduciary duty. Watch now:

Why Planning Your Financial Future Is Like Working Out

Well, planning your finances isn’t always fun either. And, like working out, it’s easy to put off. Fiduciary Financial Partners’ John Eberle speaks to why it’s vital to power through these mental barriers to finally address the financial questions that have been bugging you forever, like if you’re doing the right things with your money. Learn More:

This Could Be Your Parents

If you’ve ever asked your parents about why they kept their financial advisor all these years, you might’ve heard them say things like, “He’s a good guy.”
“He lives around here and is active in the local community. We see him volunteering at the local school all the time.”

Still, is being likeable enough to keep someone around who influences your investment performance?

America’s Economic Magic Remains Alive And Well (Part 1)

In this video from FFP’s Chief Investment Officer, John Eberle, we look at the connection between a negative news bias and how people plan for their investment portfolios. We also share how, if you look hard enough for it, you’ll find plenty of amazing progress made. If we balance that reality with a renewed focus and optimism, we can plan for your financial future with much greater perspective.

Is Your Advisory Firm on Your Side? Do You Think So? Or Do You Know?

You didn’t work this long to sacrifice the kind of retirement you’d ultimately have. But what if you couldn’t get that dream home or have the ability to live where you want?

It’s what makes reading and understanding your financial documents so important, because you might be unpleasantly surprised at what you discover when you dig deeper.

Fiduciary Financial Partners’ John Eberle speaks to why you need help interpreting these crucial documents and the big difference between a fiduciary model and a broker model.

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