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Nobody in your company may be a 401(k) expert or even want to become one. That’s OK. It’s what we’re here for at Fiduciary Financial Partners, to ensure plan sponsors like you stay focused on what’s important – providing an outstanding 401(k) plan so your employees can have a secure pipeline to retirement income.

While plenty of fiduciary financial advisers have a good understanding of 401(k) plans, you deserve to work with one who makes you infinitely comfortable with every conversation rather than someone who tends to talk over your head.

You’ll find our team has an exceptional way of explaining what you really need to know with patience and care, taking as long as you need until you feel that you’ve got a great handle on the features of the plan before you. We’ll help you stay on top of compliance matters. And we’ll step in where you need it most for interacting with vendors.

All the while, you’ll discover FFP brings a high level of independent thinking to the table so that you never need to worry about whether or not we have a hidden agenda behind our guidance.

The plan sponsor role is far too critical to turn to just anyone. Make it one that acts as your advocate from Day 1 – our team at Fiduciary Financial Partners.

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