Is an "Italexit" coming from Italy?


Come this Sunday, December 4th, a major referendum on constitutional reform is taking place in Italy. Some are calling it the precursor to an “Italexit” from the Euro. Is this a vote that determines whether or not Italy stays in the Eurozone? No – at least not yet – but the table may be set for that eventual outcome if the referendum goes in a certain direction.

Take a look at the chart below. With the largest Italian banks in an extremely fragile state and the failure of private capital restructuring of these banks, we are currently witnessing the highest probability yet that Italy will leave the Eurozone within 1 year. In fact, Italy is even more likely to leave the Euro at this point than Greece (how long ago “Grexit” seems now, right?).


(Source: Gavekal Research)


The Bottom Line:

We know what you’re wondering: “If Italy ultimately leaves the European Union, what’s it going to mean for financial markets worldwide? Should I be concerned? What’s going to happen to my investments?”

The answer: Just as we’ve stated in the immediate aftermath of Brexit, economies that need to adjust via a lower currency value cannot since they’re tied to the Euro. We saw Greece threaten to leave the Euro. We’ll surely see the same with Italy. Spain? Portugal? We may be having the same conversation soon about those countries too. And yet, even if we see a painful breakup of the Euro currency region, it may be essential. Market prices can swing wildly in the wake of a single event, but a lasting effect from that single event is very rare.


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