Do you have a minimum investment?

Our comprehensive wealth management service requires a minimum investment of $500,000, due to the time-intensive, comprehensive and diligent work we do. However, our à la carte consulting services exclude investment management and, therefore, do not require an investment minimum.

How are you compensated?

At Fiduciary Financial Partners, our fees are always fully disclosed and agreed upon in advance. Our fees for comprehensive wealth management services for individuals and their families are set based on a percentage of the assets we manage for each client, as indicated here VIEW FEES. These fees are either deducted from your account or…

Our clients tell us they like….

Our friendliness Our ability to simplify complex financial concepts so they are easy to understand Our work ethic Our responsiveness Our attention to detail We often hear from our clients that they prefer our comprehensive counseling approach without the salesy, condescending treatment and jargon. We are happy to treat them with the respect and care…

What does an initial meeting look like and is there a cost?

Our Five-step Process begins with a complementary, no-obligation discovery meeting or telephone call. The purpose of the discovery meeting is to learn about you and your family and your priorities. We will share more information about our process, answer your questions and, finally, determine if Fiduciary Financial Partners might be a good fit for you.…

And are you a fiduciary?

Yes, at Fiduciary Financial Partners, we live up to our name. We are fiduciaries, legally and ethically bound to act in our clients’ best interests, not our own. We acknowledge our fiduciary status in writing with every client.

What is a fiducuiary? describes a fiduciary as “a person or organization that acts on behalf of another person or persons, putting their client’s interest ahead of their own, with a duty to preserve good faith and trust.”