At Fiduciary Financial Partners, our fees are always fully disclosed and agreed upon in advance.

Our fees for comprehensive wealth management services for individuals and their families are set based on a percentage of the assets we manage for each client, as indicated here VIEW FEES. These fees are either deducted from your account or billed to you directly on a monthly basis, usually in

Similarly, our fees for retirement plan advisory and consulting services are set based on a percentage of plan assets, as indicated here VIEW FEES. Corporate retirement plan clients can choose to have our fees deducted from participant accounts, billed directly to the organization, or a combination of both. Fees are billed monthly or quarterly in arrears.

We also offer à la carte consulting services to individuals (VIEW FEES), as well as financial planning consulting for key employees (VIEW FEES) at set hourly rates. In either case, we provide an up-front estimate of the time we expect to invest and collect 50 percent at the time of engagement and the balance upon completion. Employers can choose whether they want to be billed directly or whether they want employees to share in costs.