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Managing Investments: Five Informed Decisions Every Investor Needs to Make

Webinar Recorded December 3, 2019  It feels like we are bombarded with information about capital markets every day. Our news feeds are clogged with stories about IPOs, trade wars and the Federal Reserve. Should we be buying or selling? Is the market on the verge of collapse or another all-time high? With all this noise, it’s hard to know how to invest our hard-earned dollars. Please join us for a live educational webinar on managing your investments. We’ll discuss the five informed decisions every investor needs to make. { "channelId" : 9909, "language": "en-US", "commId" : 380579, "displayMode" : "standalone", "height" : "auto" } Presenters: Nicholas Economos, CRPS®, Partner & Chief Retirement Officer Miaciah Manuel CFP®, Fiduciary Financial Advisor This webcast is intended as a service for participants in the retirement plans of our plan sponsor clients, but it is also designed to benefit a broad range of attendees.



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