Financial Wellness

The Secret Of Achieving Financial Wellness
Is Taking The Perfect First Step.

In so many instances, when an employee enrolls in a 401(k) plan, what do they get? Typically, it’s a packet of information. But you can’t have an in-depth conversation about your goals with a packet. A packet can’t easily help someone understand the impact of their decision to take an early withdrawal. Or show them how to clearly consolidate old employer accounts into a new one.

Fortunately, enrollment support with a human touch at Fiduciary Financial Partners is an area where we’re proud to shine. We provide strong, dedicated ongoing communication to all your plan participants, educating them in one-on-one settings as well as group sessions on:

  • How to access their account 
  • Understanding the technologies and resources available to them
  • Personal finance and investment questions
  • Asset allocation in the account
  • How much needs to be saved to meet particular goals

This is how financial wellness happens. It’s not magic or rocket science. It’s about guiding your people to know more about their financial plan and learn to take charge of their own future.

As a result, before long, they have greater clarity on these aspects of their plan. They feel more in touch with their financial picture looks like. They’re more comfortable with all financial components of their plan.

You wouldn’t think someone would feel so empowered about their plan when they’re just getting started. But then, that’s exactly what happens when our team at Fiduciary Financial Partners is supporting plan sponsors like you.

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