Investment Analysis

Performance. Cost. Risk.
Do You Know How Your 401(k) Plan Really Compares?

Imagine a 401(k) plan that’s aligned in the very best way with your investment policy. You’re breathing easier than you ever have. Maybe that’s because there’s not a flurry of activity where funds are moving on and off the platform in chaotic, undisciplined manner. Or maybe it’s because you have a better understanding than you ever did for why you have the funds in your plan that you do.

Overall, it sounds like you’ve put the right pieces in place for your plan and plan participants as the result of our powerful investment analysis at Fiduciary Financial Partners.

So how do we get here in the first place?

It begins when we evaluate a full list of your current investment options and compare them to all other relevant options to choose from. We determine how your current options are performing relative to their peer group in terms of performance, cost and risk. In the process, we’re looking for what we would consider anomalies in your allocation too.

Naturally, analysis is only one part of the picture. Our team at FFP also fully supports you on the path to being – and staying – a prudent plan sponsor. How so? By creating an investment policy statement and then monitoring an investment menu against this policy.

So now, you’ll have not only a world of insight on where the plan’s investments stand in the context of others. You’ll also have the kind of real, documented process that every fiduciary needs. Which is precisely the way it should be.

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