Provider Analysis

It’s Time To Adjust Your Plan.
Let’s Start By Removing The Headache Of Managing It.

Plan sponsors like you don’t live for the opportunity to tinker with every single provider within your plan. We understand that. Still, you probably have a suspicion that your plan could always be doing better on several fronts.

With that in mind, wouldn’t it be terrific if you could have someone who managed the process of benchmarking your plan against peers? Someone who was completely independent and could give you the honest assessment of how your plan was shaping up compared to others? How about help with the management of vendors and your plan’s process?

It wouldn’t be a bad thing to take some of that off your plate, would it?

That’s precisely where we help at Fiduciary Financial Partners. We have the deep experience in working with 3rd party administrators, recordkeepers and auditors to assist you in considering all the factors of a plan’s design involving cost, services, technologies, payroll integrations and more.

We can then benchmark your plan across all providers to help you clarify exactly where you stand and where some adjustments as far as individual services providers may need to be made.

As we do, you’ll be glad to know FFP doesn’t have any kind of bias toward one provider over another. This gives us the ability to help you find your ideal provider – one that will not only be a great fit for your company today but also be terrific for you as your plan grows.

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